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Want right now: Jambé, the electro-drum you control via iOS

This funky electronic drum machine, now seeking funding on Kickstarter, connects to your iOS device for full cusomisation – and we want one right now, dammit!

Meet Jambé, an instrument which looks like a simple drum but is actually a whole bunch of percussion tools rolled into one. Its creator, Sensorpoint, claims that the Jambe will let nearly anyone express themselves and make music using a collection of simple iOS-based tools, and they’re striving to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter to bring their vision to life.

The Jambé has a flat top covered with a combination of different materials and sensors, able to pick up on all kinds of contact, from the gentlest tap of a fingertip to a heavy smack with a whole hand or drumstick. Users can translate these gestures into specific sounds using custom software on their iPhone or iPad, and not just drum noises. Want a full-on rock snare sound? Not a problem. Prefer an Udu? Done.

Jambe’s accompanying app gives users access to a ton of percussion instruments, making it ideal for folk with limited space or, more appropriately, a limited budget. Its creators have also striven to make it accurate enough for professional percussionists to rock out on, while also keeping it simple enough for noobs.

The Jambé can be mounted on a standard drum stand as part of a more expansive kit or simply sat on your lap if you want a more casual jam session. It connects to the included hub via an RJ45 plug, to prevent accidental unplugs occurring, and the hub will let you attach a separate power supply if you don’t fancy sapping your handheld’s juice. Though plugging it in to your phone or iPad would open you up to a world of busking opportunities.

If you fancy chipping in to help bring more music to the world, head over to the project’s Kickstarter page and get involved.

Backers who pledge $499 or more will be given a Jambé from the first production run, which the developers claim represents a $300 discount on its predicted retail price. If you feel like ponying up $999 then you’ll get your hands on dual-Jambés, which you can share with a mate for a proper jazz drums session.


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