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Watch out penguins! YetiSports goes HD for iPad

Remember YetiSports? It was a web gaming craze a few years ago, as internet users around the world abandoned their work in favour of a Flash game about a Yeti flinging a penguin as far as he could.

Happy days. Well, happy for everyone except employers.

According to developer Root9 MediaLab, 100,000 people a day are still playing the web version, despite it having made its debut five years ago. So I’m guessing there’ll be a healthy audience for its latest incarnation: YetiSports HD for iPad.

It includes a classic mode where you have to chuck the penguin as far as possible. However, an all-new mode gets you to use the iPad’s accelerometer to guide the bird on his flight, collecting bonus items.

Unlike the web version it isn’t free – it costs £1.79 on the App store. Still, if you’re after a frosty nostalgia trip, it’s well worth a look.


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