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We ‘believe’ the iPad 2’s latest official video is pure parody fodder

Apple have uploaded their latest TV advert for the new iPad, and you’re going to roll your eyes so hard they may well get lodged in the back of your skull.

Entitled “We believe”, it’s a pretty incredulous bit of advertising. Apple explain again that their new baby is faster, thinner and lighter- but change tact, saying that all that just doesn’t matter.; what does matter is getting technology out of the way, apparently. Does that mean we should go back to paint on walls?

Apple still likes to avoid the battle of specs which is typical when similar tech products go up against each other. Note that they avoid openly mentioning their processor speed or memory- to Apple, it’s all about selling the experience, not the numbers.

The whole video does look like it’s ripe for parody, and we’d love some good parody vids to cheer us up mid-week…


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