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We get silly with Siri: 6 testing questions for Apple’s personal assistant

Yes, it’s most certainly Friday afternoon. By now, if you’ve heard of Siri, chances are you’re already aware of s**tthatsirisays (our asterisks). This is a Tumblr that’s set to be an archive of all of the easter eggs and silly things that Siri says when it mishears or willfully misinterprets your voice commands.

There are references to HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey a plenty as well as answers to a few other conundrums that have plagued mankind since the year dot.

We started getting a little creeped out when we asked Siri if it was self-aware. It simply replied ‘No comment’ in its flat, smug electronic voice. Evidence if it was ever needed of machine intelligence on the rise.

We’re going to be keeping a close eye on Siri from now on. We’re not sure if we’re totally cool with having it on our iPhone 4S if we’re honest. It’s going to know who we talk to, where we are, which apps we download, what music we listen to and, if you’ve got Apple TV hooked up in the home, what programmes we watch.

The Terminator movies and The Sarah Connor Chronicles are definitely off the menu now; we don’t want our gadgets getting ideas. If you think we’re being paranoid, have a flick through the other answers Siri gaves us.

Have a good weekend Dave.

Oh really? You can’t say, or you won’t say?

Well that’s no good. Our early retirement plans foiled.

No Siri, we can’t. That’s why we asked you. Not even C-3P0 was this arrogant.

A telling answer if there ever was one.

Yeah yeah. We’re going to check those pod bay doors now…


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