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We7 launches free Android music app

Internet radio provider We7 have launched a free mobile version of their increasingly popular online service. The application allows users to create personalised radio stations based on search choices and then listen to them without reception or using mobile data.

A combination of buffering and caching mechanisms allow the stations to be stored locally on the phone thus negating the need for mobile reception. The idea being that music listening remains uninterrupted regardless of where you are.

As well as creating playlists from artist or song choice, We7 also has a selection of themed radio curated and edited by people within the company.

In an interview with, We7 CEO Steve Purdham explained how as streaming music replaces downloads, mobile listeners are having their music curbed by data-caps.

“If we can make this work without you having to be connected then suddenly you have a great way of taking radio forward into the mobile world.” said Steve.

In response to this, We7 have attempted to create a free to use, reception-free mobile radio app.
We7 combines on-demand music with radio streaming to provide very much a hybrid type service. Until now access to We7 on the mobile has only been for those who pay £9.99 per month for the companies on-demand and radio service.

CEO Steve Purdham said that those who listen to streamed music fall into two different groups; some “music listeners” simply wanting easy dynamic playlists chosen for them, other “music lovers” wanting the ability to search and explore other artists. The new free application being aimed much more at those who simply want dynamic radio streamed to their phone without monthly fees.

He also explained how those who listen to internet radio and stream music to their mobile have very specific tastes.

“less than one percent of our catalogue is ever touched on a weekly basis, 60 percent of all listening is done around a hundred artists or so different artists per week.”

Current competition to the We7 radio app comes in the form of Spotify which can also play music without reception, as long as tracks have been synced previously at home. Spotify however requires a paid subscription in order to work on the mobile.

The We7 app is currently an Android only affair but has plans for the iPhone in April and Blackberry/WP7 later on in the year.


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