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Wednesday Deals: iPhone 4S, Androids and Apple Care, we’ve got the lot

It’s Wednesday deals time and at the end of the day, we’ve pooled five corkers together for you to peruse over while you sink into your sofa and unwind. What have we got in-store for you today? For all you Apple-heads we’ve got three deals: iPad Apple Care with 50% off, an iPhone 4S for under £30 / month and a £1 retro Gamboy cover for your new acquisition. More of an Android? Fear not, we cater for you too. Asda have just rock-bottomed the price of their HTC Evo 3D and iif you’re looking for a very capable PAYG phone for under £100, the Sony Ericsson Live Walkman is a going cheap at Virgin Mobile.

Half Price Apple Care for your iPad

Apple products are appealing in part because of their oh so shiny factor, usability and branding. The other part of their appeal comes largely down to Apple Care, their after sale service that sees Apple representatives bend over backwards in order to ensure you and your Apple are indeed happy together. That said, Apple Care costs a considerable amount of money, in the iPad’s case, about a third of what you can currently get a used iPad for. It’s a good thing those guys over at Curry’s are offering 50% off iPad Apple Care bringing the damage down to £34.97 so snap it up now at the following link.

iPhone 4S: £28.11 per month – no up front cost

What – that’s amazing? We hear you yelp in disbelief. Yes. This is good and is only available for the next 4 days so get-to-moving! We’ve even written you a step-by-step guide to get you on your way to frugal iPhone 4S bliss:

Step1: Click this link for TopCashback’s iPhone 4S on Three deal. Register if need be. This will activate a £45.45 cashback.
Step 2: Locate the 16GB iPhone 4S deals, select Three, navigate to the top £30/month deal.
Step 3: Buy your new iPhone 4S, complete with 24-month contract 300 mins Any Network Anytime + 5000 Texts + 500MB data.

For the breakdown of how we got to the magic number £28.11, read on:

£30 x 24 = £720
£720 – 45.45 (cashback) = £674.55
£674.55 / 24 = £28.11

iPhone 4/4S Retro Gameboy case – £1

For everyone who thinks iPhone users are forced to spend the big-bucks at every turn, Poundland would beg to differ. With their £1 iPhone 4/S case, it’s easy to get your retro edge in the playground on little more than pocket money. Available in-store, simply pop into a Poundland and peruse until you find the case you’re looking for and if you don’t know where your nearest store is, here’s a handy store locator we found just for you.

HTC Evo 3D: £229

We weren’t the number one fans of 3D on mobile in 2011 but the best of the bunch was the HTC Evo 3D. With its dual-cores, Sense UI and novel feature-set, it’s a pretty nifty combination of performance and pazazz. That you can buy it for as little as £229 at Asda is incredible. You get a qHD display, single 5-megapixel camera or dual 3D cameras, 8GB memory on-board and microSD expandability. It’s a solid, grippy device and is more than capable to process even the most demanding of 3D games and day to day tasks currently available. Bargain.

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman – £99 PAYG with £10 credit

What if you don’t need a dual-core processor or 3D camera and still want a decent Android phone on a budget for music, phone calls and to take pictures on? Look no further than the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman with its 1GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera capable of 720p video recording and nifty 3.2-inch display.

Being a Walkman phone, there is a 2GB memory card included to complement the customised Walkman UI and this can be expanded to a cool 32GB. It trumps any of the budget handsets such as the Orange San Fransisco 2 or T-Mobile Vivacity in terms of polish and at £99 is a steal on Virgin Mobile with £10 of credit included in the price. Just hop, skip and jump over to Virgin Mobile where you can bag yourself one now.

Another week and another round of Wednesday deals down. Our favourite? The iPhone probably, under £30 a month and no up-front cost is pretty good going. A close second would definitely be the Sony Ericsson Live Walkman: a 1GHz powered Android for less than £100? Yes please. How about you? Spotted any gems you want to share or have any questions about the offers we’ve covered? Comments and queries below.


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