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Weird places to find Pokémon in Pokémon GO

With Pokémon GO sending newly fledged trainers out into the wide world to find and catch ‘em all, it was only a matter of time before players started discovering Pokémon in some of the most unusual situations. Here’s our rundown of the weirdest places players have found pocket monsters in Pokémon GO, and check out our Pokémon GO tips and tricks to get ahead in your game.

Size matters

Looks like that giant Tentacruel from episode 19 of the anime wasn’t the only super-sized Pokémon if these guys are anything to go by. Squirtle looks just about ready to tear down those buildings like a shelled Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, whilst that krabby is doing its best to interrupt the eighth inning. On the flip side, Reddit user ‘antiagony’ is offering to trade a Smartie-sized spearow to anyone with a couple more in a bush (or something of equal or greater value – see what she did there).

Pokémon GO, Squirtle - MyNameIsTeebs Pokémon GO, Krabby - linkingday Pokémon GO, Spearow - LauraRachel

Toilet terrors

It seems that some Pokémon don’t have any personal boundaries, invading various trainers’ private space whilst they’re trying to take a break from catching ’em all. We’re not sure what’s more disconcerting, sitting down on the loo only to find a Pokémon staring at you or opening the toilet door to find that little Abra already busy doing its business.

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Pokémon GO, Pidgey - McChillin8 Pokémon GO, Paras - chillmonkey88 Pokémon GO, Abra - SKennyG

Home invaders

Whilst some of you might appreciate the convenience of Pokémon appearing in your own home, not everyone shares the sentiment, as proven by this series of worrisome encounters. We don’t know what happened to the rattata or the scyther after these screenshots were taken, but we aren’t holding out hope for them. Meanwhile we’re more worried about the trainer that came across such a sinister looking drowzee in the small hours of the morning.

Pokémon GO, rattata - OfficialMrSoloDolo Pokémon GO, scyther - Chase24Fan Pokémon GO, drowzee - Eskadar

Sucks to be them

You can’t help but feel sorry for magikarp at the best of times, with their blank expressions and the way they helplessly flail around, but these examples are particularly tragic. One unfortunate fish has found itself on sale at the local supermarket, whilst another looks like it’s found itself on the menu. We also found a bellsprout that wasn’t having much luck either, just moments away from being turned into Pokémulch.

Pokémon GO, magikarp - The_Lord_Eric Pokémon GO, magikarp - kojenk Pokémon GO, bellsprout - TurtleBum

Not worth a Poké

If you thought toilets were an inappropriate place for Pokémon to pop up, check out these unfortunate fellows. Your brain doesn’t have to work very hard to fill in the x-rated gaps that diglet and weedle are creating in these snaps, whilst pinsir has turned up in the last place you’d want to find those pincers.

Pokémon GO, diglett - JorgeTheSnail Pokémon GO, weedle Pokémon GO, pinsir

GO’s darker side (semi-NSFW)

With Pokédex entries referencing gastly’s abilities to put creatures to sleep, poison them and even suffocate them, trainer ‘wastedjoel’ has every right to be worried about the one hovering over his hospital bed. Also, don’t be fooled by the adorable faces of some Pokémon, oddish are known for their rampant alcoholism, and whilst we’ve encountered plenty of pidgey throughout London town, we had no idea of their habits outside of the nine to five.

Pokémon GO, gastly - wastedjoel Pokémon GO, oddish - JoelNobody Pokémon GO, pidgey - NSFW

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