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What apps to expect from BlackBerry 10

Despite in-house issues and repeat delays surrounding RIM’s first major revamp of their mobile operating system; BlackBerry OS 10, developers are still very much on board with the forthcoming platform and a number of big names are already well underway to developing compatible apps for its eventual launch, now scheduled for March next year.

The team at BerryReview have discovered that in light of BBOS 10, RIM have created the BlackBerry Consumer Forum, which is a roaming event designed to help developers get the most out of the new platform and as a means to showcase the latest additions to this heavily anticipated work-in-progress. RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heinz already listed a number of big names during BlackBerry Jam, but there are already a wealth of yet unannounced developers creating new app designed to get the most out of the new OS.

BB10 confirmed app developers

BBOS 10 looks already set to feature apps and games from the likes of Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, TuneIn Radio, Shazam, eBay, ESPN, E! Entertainment, The Financial Times, Gameloft, CNN and Top Gear to name a few, but as we’ve already said, the full roster is far larger.

In its current form we’ve already seen a number of unique and interesting features which users will only be able to find on the first wave of BB10 devices, anticipated to arrive in form of handsets such as the BlackBerry London.

One feature is an adaptive keyboard that can predict which letters you’ll more likely press on the keyboard and alter the allocated hit box per letter accordingly for increased accuracy. What’s more you’ll be able to type between three languages simultaneously, no doubt a feature designed for the next generation of international BlackBerry business users. There’s also a time-shift camera function which detects faces and allows the user the ability to roll them forwards or backwards in time by a few frames in order to avoid unwanted blinking and so on.

One to watch will also be BBOS 10’s web browser, which is currently said to benchmark far above the mobile competition and even surpases one or two desktop web browsers, beating Google Chrome in HTML5 benchmarking by 42 points with a score of 476.


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