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What are Moto Mods and what Moto Mods will launch with the Moto Z?

What are Moto Mods, how do they work with the Moto Z, and what Moto Mods are launching with the Moto Z in 2016 here in the UK? Here’s all you need to know about Moto Mods including the UK prices for each one.

What are MotoMods and how do they work?

Like the LG G5 before it, Motorola’s new Moto Z mobile boasts a very unique selling point – the ability to expand the phone’s features by clipping on various modular accessories, known here as Moto Mods. Each Moto Mod connects to the Moto Z by clipping onto the rear of the phone, with several tiny metal pins on the back of the handset working to communicate with the accessory.

Here’s what Moto Mods you can expect Motorola to launch with the Moto Z in the UK.

Projector Moto Mod for Moto Z

One of the most interesting Moto Mods is the Projector Mod, which can beam a mighty 70-inch screen onto any flat surface. That’ll be a great way to enjoy movies on the go, without having to constantly lug around a bulky, unwieldy handset – kind of like the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

There’s a built-in battery in the Projector Mod which gives an hour of projection, before the mod begins using the Moto Z’s battery. And there’s a kickstand on the back too, so you can tilt the Moto Z to any angle for the perfect projection.

JBL Sound Boost Mod for Moto Z

Like the LG G5’s Hi-Res Audio Friend, the Moto Z has a speaker mod made by JBL that pumps out loud, powerful stereo sound, to fill a room with your tunes. And there’s once again a battery built in, for ten hours of use before the Sound Boost Mod needs to start sucking your Moto Z dry.

The JBL Sound Boost mod also works as a speakerphone, and like the Projector mod there’s a kickstand for propping your phone up during use.

Power Pack Mod for Moto Z

One common complaint with modern mobiles is the generally pants battery life, so the Moto Z of course comes with a battery Moto Mod known as the Power Pack Mod. You get an impressive 22 hours of life from a full charge, so the Moto Z’s longevity should be practically doubled with the mod clipped on.

There’s also a wireless charging option, so you can ditch those pesky cables (apart from the one connected to your charging pad, of course). And the Power Pack mod sports several different designs, so you can look super sexy as you enjoy that battery boost.

Motorola is also working with Mophie to produce even more battery-based Mods for the Moto Z.

Style Shells for Moto Z

The Moto Z also supports clip-on Style Shells, which add a funky new aesthetic to your Moto phone. These include real wood and leather options, so you can change the feel of the mobile as well as the look.

What are the Moto Mods UK prices and release dates?

These MotoMods are launching with the Moto Z in the UK in September, although a specific date is not available yet.

We’ve heard from our chums over at MobileFun that the UK Moto Mods pricing will be as follows:

JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod Speaker Case – £60

Tumi PowerPack Moto Mod Power Case – 2,200mAh – £70

Tumi Wireless Charging PowerPack Moto Mod Power Case – 2,200mAh – £80

Official Motorola Moto Mod Insta-Share Projector Case – £229.99


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