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What do you get if you cross Flight Control and Doodle Jump?

The growth of digital technology means we live in a mash-up culture, so why should iPhone gaming be any different?

Developer Mars Yau has released a game blending Flight Control’s line-drawing gameplay with Doodle Jump’s scribbly aesthetic. Its name?¬†Doodle Control.

(Well, Flight Jump wouldn’t quite cut the mustard.)

The game works like Flight Control, in that you’re guiding planes in to land by drawing their flight-paths with your finger. Meanwhile, the graphics are suitably doodly, although thankfully in colour rather than monochrome.

However, Doodle Control isn’t a pure clone. One addition is the fact that you earn virtual money for every plane you land, which can then be spent on other planes. The game is also plumbed into Apple’s new Game Center community, with achievements and high scores.


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