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What iOS 4.3 will bring to your iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple’s event tonight’s wasn’t all about the iPad 2 – the long-awaited iOS 4.3 software updated has been announced. The iOS page over on Apple’s site is just treating us to a cryptic ‘coming soon’, though it was also announced tonight that the iOS 4.3 would be available to download for free on the 11th of March.

Here’s a look in brief of the nice new things you’ll be able to do with your iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch when you update them to iOS 4.3.

Wi-Fi Tethering for iPhone 4

Yes, Android phones running 2.2 Froyo have been able to do this since forever, we know… But that doesn’t matter anymore; this incredibly useful feature will be available on all iPhone 4’s running iOS 4.3.

This basically allows you to turn your iPhone 4 into a mobile Wi-Fi point. Incredibly useful for times when you want to connect to the net on your laptop, in lieu of a mobile broadband dongle.

It’s also useful for when you’ve just moved into a new flat and you’ve not got t’internet yet – simply whip out your iPhone 4, select the Wi-Fi tethering option from the settings, and you can hook up your machines while your waiting for your line to get connected/set up/installed/whatever.

Browsing the web on Safari is now twice as fast

Pretty self-explanatory this. Safari is already pretty darn fast, but who is going to say no to faster internets?


iTunes home networking over Wi-Fi

iOS 4.3 will allow you to access your iTunes files that are on your Mac or PC and play them on your iPhone or iPad over a shared Wi-Fi network.

This also applies to other things you’ve got on your iTunes, like movies, podcasts, audiobooks. As this is done over your home Wi-Fi network (your wireless broadband router) there’s no need to re-download or sync anything.

For this to work, you’ll need to have iTunes on your Mac or PC updated to 10.2.

Customise iPad Toggle switch

You’ll be able to assign specific functions to the iPad toggle switch in the setting menu, so it can be used to mute the volume, or lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode.

Improved AirPlay support

In addition to being able to watch movies you’ve downloaed on iTunes on your iPad around the house, you can also stream content from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to an HDTV set via Apple TV.

You’ll be able to stream videos from the Photos app in addition to picture slideshows and music.


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