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What is PlayStation Certification? PlayStation Mobile store launches on Android devices

Mobile gamers, warm up your thumbs because PlayStation Mobile has arrived on Android. In fact Sony’s new PlayStation Mobile store is now available for all manner of PlayStation certified devices, including Sony Mobile’s own handsets, a number of the latest HTC Android devices and further afield, Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu will be able to make use of the new service, but what does it actually offer?

PlayStation Certified Android devices

What does PlayStation Certification mean?

Back in 2010, Sony brought together the assets from their PlayStation gaming and Sony Ericsson mobile arms culminating in the release of the ‘PlayStation phone’ which arrived as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play the following year. The Xperia Play was the first PlayStation Certified device, not because it featured dedicated hardware gaming controls, but thanks to the fact that Sony had imbued the device with unique mobile gaming abilities in the form of the PlayStation Suite (a precursor to the new PlayStation Mobile service). The device was able to browse, purchase and download a unique set of Sony licenced games optimised for the device, thanks to its PlayStation Certified status.

One year on and Sony Mobile have not only brought that same certification to other smartphones and tablets in their device portfolio; including the Sony Xperia S, the Sony Tablet P and more recently the new flagship Sony Xperia T, but they’ve licensed the software and the infrastructure out to other mobile manufacturers including HTC, Fujitsu and Sharp.

Which devices are PlayStation Certified?

The WikiPad gaming tablet plus an array of devices from the likes of Asus, Sharp and Fujitsu haven’t yet launched, but PlayStation Certification has been granted to all of these names. The current list of certified devices (not exclusively smartphones and tablets) is as follows:

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Acro
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Acro HD
  • Sony Tablet P
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Sony Xperia S
  • Sony Xperia Ion
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Sony Xperia Tablet S
  • Sony Xperia T
  • Sony Xperia V
  • HTC One X
  • HTC One S
  • HTC One V
  • HTC One X+

What is PlayStation Mobile?

The new service, which launched today is a downloadable application which acts as a portal to a host of mobile titles licensed by Sony although the PlayStation Mobile gaming library is still small, it’s set to grow quickly over time.

Which games are available on PlayStation Mobile?

Currently there are just 20 titles available to download and play via the PlayStation Mobile app which have been grouped by genre:

Action – Wipe!, Nyoqix, Rebel, Hungry Giraffe
Arcade – Super Crate Box, Aqua Kitty-Milk Mine Defender, Fuel Tiracas
Casual – Everybody’s Arcade, Twist Pilot
Music/Rhythm – Frederic-Resurrection of Music, Samurai Beatdown
Puzzle – Loot The Land, Magic Arrows, Underline, NUMBLAST, Word Blocked, Tractor Trails, Beats Slider
Simulation – Incurvio
Sports – Flick Hockey

PlayStation Mobile app UI

Gamers will be able to install their games on three devices simultaneously.

How much are PlayStation Mobile games?

The titles currently available can cost anywhere between nothing (Everybody’s Arcade) or 65p (Beats Slider), right up to £5.89 (Incurvio).

Where can I download the PlayStation Mobile app?

So long as you have a PlayStation Certified device, you’ll be able to download the PlayStation Mobile application. Before you do so, you’ll need to allow ‘Unknown sources’ by opening your device’s Settings app, heading to Security and ticking the box allowing Unknown sources.

Once you’ve done that head to this link via your device and once the .apk is downloaded, install, allow permissions and then run the downloaded application. The PlayStation Mobile app requires that you sign in with a valid Sony Entertainment I.D. and from there onwards you can use the app without having to log in each time.


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