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What is Sky Mobile: All you need to know about Sky’s mobile network

Sky Mobile is a shiny new UK mobile network, launched by Sky at the end of 2016 and now live to customers in January 2017. Here’s everything you need to know about Sky Mobile, including the best SIM-only deals, offers for existing Sky customers, tariff costs, contract details and more.

Sky is already massive in the UK, leading the charge of home entertainment with Sky TV (including the excellent Sky Q ‘fluid viewing’ service), while also offering full internet access via Sky Broadband. And now, after months of teasing, we’ve finally seen the launch of Sky Mobile. Here’s our complete guide to the Sky Mobile service, with everything you need to know.

What is Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile is a new mobile network for UK consumers, set to compete with the likes of EE, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile. To start with it will be a SIM-only service; in other words, you sign up for a Sky Mobile contract and Sky sends you a SIM card, which you slip into your existing mobile phone. You’ll then be able to make calls, send and receive texts and access the internet, for a set charge each month.

What are the main reasons to join Sky Mobile?

Sky is hoping to win over customers with a combination of simple, straight-forward contract offerings and by numbing the typical pain points of other UK networks.

So while many networks have dozens of different tariff combinations and complicated pricing structures, Sky Mobile’s is refreshingly straightforward (see ‘What are the Sky Mobile contract prices’ below).

Sky Mobile also offers roll-over data as standard to customers, as well as full flexibility. Any unused data at the end of each month will automatically be carried over to the following month, so you don’t need to worry about losing any unused allowance. You’ll get a full three years to use that data, so no rush. And you can also change your current contract at any time, to get more or less data each month, without losing that accumulated data.

What are the Sky Mobile contract prices?

Sky’s SIM-only contract offering is pleasingly simple.

For 1GB of data, you pay £10 a month. For 3GB of data it’s £15 a month, while 5GB costs you £20 per month.

You can swap between these three tariffs at any time, so for instance if you decide that 1GB isn’t enough, you can jump to the 3GB or 5GB offerings the following month. The minimum contract length is 12 months.

If you want calls and texts too, then good news for Sky TV customers. You get unlimited portions of both each month. If you’re not a Sky TV customer, then you have two choices. You can either pay £10 per month for unlimited calls and texts, or you can go Pay As You Go. Each call will cost you 10p per minute, while texts also cost 10p to send.

Do Sky TV customers get a discount on Sky Mobile contracts?

While Sky TV customers don’t get any discount on the data contracts, they will be given unlimited calls and texts at no extra cost (normally £10 per month for anyone not on Sky TV). This offer is valid for up to five members of any household that subscribes to Sky TV.

Do Sky Mobile customers get a discount on Sky TV?

Sadly not. At the moment there are no plans to offer Sky TV discounts to Sky Mobile customers.

Am I guaranteed strong reception and 4G data speeds on Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile piggy-backs on the O2 network (or in other words it’s an MVNO, just like Tesco Mobile, GiffGaff and plenty of other UK networks). That means you should get solid reception across a large portion of the UK, as well as 4G data speeds – providing you aren’t out in the middle of nowhere.

Will Sky Mobile offer handsets in the future?

For now, Sky Mobile is a SIM-only proposition. However, Sky plans to offer handsets to customers in the future, so you can bag yourself a new mobile when you sign up for a Sky Mobile account.

This will most likely happen later in 2017 and Sky plans to offer Apple’s latest iPhones as well as the biggest Android mobiles from the likes of Samsung.

When is Sky Mobile going live in the UK and how do I sign up?

Sky Mobile is now live in the UK, so you can sign up right now. Just head to the Sky Mobile website to get started. You’ll be asked which plan you would prefer and then you simply have to fill in your contact details and payment details and Sky will deliver your SIM in super-quick time.

Will there be a Sky Mobile app?

Yes, Sky Mobile customers will have an app that they can download to monitor their data usage and the rest. This will be available for iPhones and Android mobiles.

What is Sky Mobile? Video

Here we explain what Sky Mobile is, in three short minutes.



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