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Fallout Shelter hits Android next month with bonus features

The sim-style Fallout mobile game, Fallout Shelter, is finally leaping to Android phones in August, bringing bonus features such as your own Mr Handy.

Until Fallout 4 finally lands like an atomic bomb later this year, Bethesda is keeping Fallout fans ticking over with a build-your-own-shelter sim called Fallout Shelter. We already reviewed Fallout Shelter when it hit iOS last month and now the Fallout Shelter Android release date has been revealed as August 13th.

Apparently the Android version of Fallout Shelter will also arrive with some updates over the original iPhone version. For a start, as a new ‘premium reward’, you can bag yourself your very own Mr Handy robot companion. Mr Handy will forage for supplies out in the wasteland and also help you to beat the crap out of all-new invading creatures, including those bloody annoying Mole Rat things.

So far Fallout Shelter’s done pretty well just on iOS, achieving the top download status in 48 countries. The Mr Handy update and new enemies will also hit the iPhone version on August 13th, so Apple owners don’t feel left out.

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