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Which Android phone should I buy?

Which Android phone should I buy? That’s a pretty big question, and the answer depends on your personal needs as well as your budget. Here we’ll cover the best possible Android mobiles covering a range of costs, as well as our favourite Android camera phones, media phones and more.

First up, if you’re an Android amateur, you might want to check out our complete guide to Android to learn a little more about Google’s mobile OS. You can learn even more in our in-depth feature on the history of Android, following the evolution of the operating system from its conception to the new Android O beta.

If you already know about Android OS, you’re ready to choose the best Android smartphone to suit your needs. Here’s our round-up of the most capable and value-packed handsets in 2017 sporting Google’s mobile OS.

Best Android phones of 2017

A good place to start is our full list of the very best Android phones of 2017. Most of them are premium handsets that come with a price of £400 and above, but a couple such as the Moto G5 are half the price or cost even less. All of them are superb all-round Android mobiles that will suit a wide range of users. You can expect dependable camera tech, smooth performance and strong battery life, to name just a few.

You can also browse our pick of the best Android phones in 2017 by manufacturer. If you’re loyal to a particular brand, take a look at the best mobiles they’ve produced in the round-ups below.

Best Sony phones

Best Samsung phones

Best Huawei phones

Best LG phones

Best Android phones on a budget

If you’re a bit too skint for a premium Android phone, check out our list of the best cheap Android phones that you can snag right now. These impressive handsets cost as little as £100 or under, yet still pack some great features. That includes sharp, colourful screens, respectable cameras and enough power to run the latest games.

Best Android camera phones

If your priority is a great camera, check out our list of the best camera phones you can buy right now. From the Moto G5, which costs just £150, up to the £700 Samsung Galaxy S8, these are the Android phones with the most dependable snappers around.

If money really is tight, we’ve also selected our favourite budget camera phones in 2017.

Best Android phones with long battery life

Spend a lot of time on the road? You’ll want an Android phone with great battery life, then. Lots of mobiles that we’ve reviewed in 2017 can keep on going for well over a day before they need recharging. Some will even last a couple of days between charges.

Most of our recommended handsets also boast some kind of power saving features, to keep them going in times of need.

Wander over to our phones with best battery life feature, to see our recommendations.

Want to see reviews of the latest Android phones?

Check out Recombu’s reviews page for our opinions on the most recent Android handsets, to suit all budgets.


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