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White iPhone 4 arriving on the 27th of February?

Ah, the White iPhone 4. Like the elusive red panda and the lesser-spotted esquilax, much has been heard of this creature and little has been seen. Well, on retailers’ shelves at least. But the latest reports from intrepid internet hunters say that the white wonder could be hitting said shelves next month.

MacRumours uploaded this screenshot from a Best Buy inventory, showing 16GB 32GB iPhone 4s in white, with 2/27/11 given as the in-stock date.

This chimes with what we heard before Christmas, that the white iPhone 4 would be delayed until Spring 2011.

While obviously info from across the pond, we wouldn’t imagine Apple would be so cruel as to not ship white iPhone 4’s to the UK. If Apple is going to release it they’d better hurry up before people stop thinking about getting one and start saving up for the iPhone 5.


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