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White iPhone 4 release date returns: Available in next few weeks

After a ten-month delay, it looks like Apple’s white iPhone 4 will be available by the end of April, according to a mystery source who talked to reporters at seriously serious Bloomberg.

We’ve heard the reasons why the iPhone 4 was delayed; paint problems, camera issues, stoking the flames of demand between the current iPhone  and its replacement….

No-one’s certain just yet if Apple plan to reveal the iPhone 5 at their developer’s conference in June, and recent rumours suggest a new iPhone could arrive in September.

Since the announcement of the white version of the iPhone, it’s been delayed, and many thought cancelled. Then Senior VP at Apple, Phil Schiller, decided to tweet about it , insisting that yes, it still exists, and that the white iPhone 4 will arrive in spring.

Recently, Apple decided to purge nearly all mentions and photos of the white version from their online store.

Other phone manufacturers haven’t lost time attempting to soak up the fervent demand for white phones. We even brought 2011’s offerings together in this photo gallery. But if you want an iPhone….

The iPad 2 was available in both black and white on launch, perhaps representative of how much Apple customers like to buy blanc. It may be that Apple could just follow the white iPhone release date they told us back in December 2010.

Source: Bloomberg


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