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White iPhone 5: White model pictures leaked with full-width screen

According to IdealsChina, these ‘mold engineering’ sketches show us what the iPhone 5 will look like. And, er, it’s a lot like the iPhone 4.

If we take these sketches to be the real thing, then the only major change seen in the next iPhone will be an extended screen that will stretch to both edges.

IdealsChina say the design would be used by case designers “to create plastic, TPU, aluminium, silicone and leather cases.”

This may nix the rumour of a return to the curved back iPhone shape、but as it only shows the case dimensions, tells us nothing else to hint at antennae adjustments to avoid repeat disasters, or any additions

It’s common knowledge that most expect the new iPhone to be announced at Apple’s WWDC early this summer. But more teasing rumours as and when we hear them. Here’s our most recent rumour round-up.


Source: IdealsChina


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