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White Nexus S hands on pics

We’d literally just stepped off the plane back from Mobile World Congress when we got a call from Vodafone, asking us if we’d like to have some quick hands on time with the white Nexus S. Of course we said yes, and agreed to meet up with Vodafone at a secret location in London.

The white Nexus S is very nice in the flesh and we want one. It has that same lattice shaped textured pattern on the back as the standard all-black Nexus S does.

As you’ll see in the pics, it’s white on the back and sides only; the front of the phone is still black like the original. When we saw this leaked pic of the white Nexus S earlier, we were worried that it might look a bit Guinnessy in real life – we’re happy to say that it doesn’t.

Vodafone can’t yet comment on prices and availability, but we were told that we’ll hear something very soon. Until then, sit tight and feast your eyes on our hands-on preview snaps.

From the front the white Nexus S looks virtually indistinguishable from a regular all-black one. It’s got that same distinctive contour screen that curves inwards ever so slightly.

The microUSB port and 3.5mm jack on the white Nexus S.

Half ‘n half – how the white Nexus S (with it’s black front) looks from the side. As soon as we hear details about prices and when you can order one, we shall furnish thee with the information.


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