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‘White Nokia Lumia 900’ emerges on pre-order

Much as we’re champing at the bit to get the Nokia Lumia 900 in the UK, we’re very much taken with the beautiful reflective curves of the white Nokia Lumia 800 which we got to have a play with recently.

So much so that we’ve got fingers and toes crossed for a similar white glossy variant of the Nokia Lumia 900 to emerge. Looks like our white wishes have come true; WP Central has been forwarded a link to a pre-order page for a ‘Nokia Lumia 900 (Unlocked) (White)’ that’s going for a steep old $649.50, which converts to £413.60 in Sterling. Add on shipping which starts at $60-odd (roughly an extra £40) and you’re looking at pretty tidy £453.60.

This particular, LTE-enabled model perhaps wouldn’t be of interest to us long-suffering 4G-less Brits anyway. But it makes us hopeful that a shiny white Lumia 900 will come our way soon. We’ve reached out to Nokia for a statement on this and are waiting to hear back.

Who knows, a white Nokia Lumia 900 might be amoung the many things Nokia has in store for us at Mobile World Congress. Failing that, a white Nokia Lumia 910 would be nice as well…


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