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Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom spotted, coming to the UK?

Looks like Motorola’s prepping a Wi-Fi-only version of its Xoom tablet. An apparently 3G-less edition of the Motorola Xoom has previewed and posted up on the blog T-break.

Reviewing the Xoom at Motorola’s Dubai launch, Abbas Jaffar Ali says that two versions of the Xoom will be available; “one with just Wi-Fi and the other with [Wi-Fi] and 3G”.

Obviously he’s talking about Motorola in the UAE here. But it’s also emerged that two separate devices thought to be Motorola Xooms have appeared on the FCC in the US.

Wireless Goodness is reporting two entries for the Xoom, one which describes it as a “wireless tablet with embedded WLAN.”

This means that we could see cheaper, non-3G Xooms hitting our shelves. A 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi currently costs £439, whereas its 3G-enabled counterpart costs £541. We imagine that with a Wi-Fi only Xoom, we’d see a similar price drop.

We’ve contacted Motorola for information about a Wi-Fi only Xoom hitting the UK and are waiting to hear back.

Via: Engadget


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