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Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ arrives early summer and new phone makers revealed

While we wait in the lobby for the big Windows Phone 7 VIP preview, even more details covering their big Mango update have appeared, courtesy of Microsoft’s Romanian site.

Spotted by Engadget, the press release says the ever increasing update will arrive on all current Windows Phone 7 devices. (That’ll be thanks to those minimum requirements.)

It’ll also be arriving earlier than expected- “at the beginning of this summer.” It’ll also be ready to run on new Windows Phone 7 handset; something we’re hoping to hear more about in the next few hours.

Expect the update to tie together all the various ways people use their phones to contact each other. This means social networks and the rest.
Apps will integrate into your search results, meaning music and photos will be even closer to any apps that can interact with them.

The mythical multi-tasking will also be included in the update- rotating between them will be faster, and others can be left running in the background.

The inclusion of the new Internet Explorer browser will had support for HTML5- and that means less dependence on Flash- it’ll also support hardware acceleration, meaning those high-end phones will be able to handle it with more ease.

Local results will also get prioritised, which ‘quick cards’ will give a summary of products, events and places with links to ‘relevant applications.’

Oops; and at the end of the machine-translated press release, partnerships with Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE are mentioned. There’s those new phone makers…

We’ll be updating once we’ve heard more- ‘officially’ officially.


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