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Windows Phone 7-powered Asus E600 revealed

These are new pictures of the classy-looking Asus E600, running Windows Phone 7.

Although the existence of the E600 had been leaked at the start of December, Vietnamese website,, has now revealed a handful of photos, and a youtube video of the phone in action.

Reportedly housing a five-megapixel camera, with a four-inch touchscreen that could do with a good wipe-down, the phone looks like it will have physical ‘clicky’ buttons along the bottom, with an aluminium front and a textured, plastic backing.

The side-by-side photo with the HTC HD7 shown above makes the E600 look slightly thinner by comparison.

According to our friend, Google Translate, the website also reports that the phone will offer composite video output through the micro-USB port. No pictures or video of this in action, though.

No more details on a release date, but Mobile World Conference is not far off, and we expect to hear a lot more on this and other Windows Phone 7 handsets. You can see the video below.


Via;, via; WMPoweruser


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