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Windows Phone 7: Show-off apps

To this day the home screen menus of my iPhone remain the same; the first page crammed with the perhaps five apps I use daily, and then a following five pages of almost entirely useless gadgets and gizmos.

So how does Windows Phone 7 fair in the world of showoff apps? It hasn’t taken long for the new OS’s store to fill with some truly terrible apps, all designed to turn your new handset into a talking point. 

First up is WinFart Pro

It felt wrong not to include this. It definitely doesn’t do anything new, nor does it work any special Windows Phone 7 magic. What it does provide however is “the only no-nonsense fart application featuring over 20 HQ fart sounds”. Better still is the ability to call on a ‘fart’ whenever the phone is moved, allowing for some electronic whoopie-cushion style action. Word of advice: allow anyone to sit on your brand new handset at your own risk.

Virtual Remote: Media Control

Unlike the previous app, this actually does something useful. It turns your Windows Phone 7 device into a multi-function remote capable of controlling a whole heap of programs. Similar to the remote app for iTunes except with having the added bonus of being able to control Windows Media Centre and VLC to name but a few. Good way to irritate those currently touting the glories of Airplay and the updated iPad remote app.

Flashlight 7

Why you would ever need to turn your mobile phone into a torch is beyond me. Nokia clearly thought it was a good idea with the 3200, difference was this used a bulb rather than your handsets screen to provide light. This app has multiple functions: first up is providing portable multi-colour phone raves at any party, second is sending out an SOS whenever you need it. Third and perhaps best of all, is draining your phone battery in ten minutes.


No decent smartphone is complete without some means of creating polaroid style digital pics. The idea of creating retro style photos and then flooding Facebook or Twitter with your best ‘arty’ snaps is too tempting for even the most stubborn of posers. Apict does exactly what you need it to; creates instant polaroid satisfaction for just about any skinny-jean clad gadget-o-phile.

Star Wars: Battle for Hoth

A decent smartphone game is crucial if you intend to show the handset off to your friends. And none can be better than a Star Wars themed exclusive. Forget Angry Birds, this app lets you battle your way through the snow covered world of Hoth, while providing an audio onslaught of fantastic Star Wars sound fun. 

Click the following link to see how to download Windows Phone 7 apps [link]. 


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