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Windows Phone 7 update ‘bricking’ phones.

Owners of Samsung Windows Phone 7 handsets are reporting problems with this weeks WP7 update.

Twitterers tweeted that the update was giving users error messages and that it was impossible to restore old firmware.

“The WP7 update has bricked my Omnia 7. Error Code C101002E. Restoration Error. Please advise ASAP,” wrote ‘AlexRoebuck’.

This means that it was impossible to get the phone working again without instructions from Microsoft.

Thankfully Microsoft has issued a quick-fix to the problem, explaining that users simply need to pull out the handset battery,replace it and then turn the phone on. Or if this doesn’t work then give the mobile a proper hard-reset.

Microsoft has also said you shouldn’t try and download updates again until the phone prompts you to in the next few days.

Source: the::unwired


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