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Windows Phone Mango coming September 1st?

Rumour has it that Microsoft may have sped up their plans to get the Windows Phone 7 Mango update out the door, with interweb speculation that the updated OS will now launch as early as Septmeber 1st.

This would likely put Mango in direct competition for the spotlight with Apple and Google, which both have updates to their own OSs (iOS 5 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, respectively) rumoured to be launching around the same time.

The rumour comes courtesy of the folks at PocketLint, who cite “multiple trusted sources” confirming the new, earlier launch date. September 1st was reportedly picked to coincide with this year’s IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, which runs from the 2nd to the 7th of September.

Microsoft debuted Mango in the UK at the Windows Phone launch event in London back in May, showing off new features including a new browser, text-to-speech messaging and better integration for services like Twitter and Facebook. Read about the new features here. Whether we’ll be getting our hands on these features come September 1st remains, for the moment, unconfirmed.

Via: PocketLint


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