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Windows Phone Marketplace launches: buy apps from your browser

Microsoft has today updated its Windows Phone app store: Windows Marketplace.

From today, you’ll be able to download apps directly from your browser to buy apps, as well as via the Zune software and directly from your Windows Phone handset.

Using an interface that is unmistakably Windows Phone, with the same clean icons. Marketplace is split between Applications and Games, each of which

Log-in using your Hotmail or Windows Live Accounts. Click on an app to view a selection of screenshots you can enlarge, along with reviews. Choose to download directly to your handset using message or if you’re on 3G and don’t want to use date instructions can be emailed to you.

We’ve had a quick play with the new look Windows Marketplace this morning and we’re impressed. It’s very easy to navigate and it’s fantastic there’s another quicker option to download – Zune can be time consuming.

Each country gets its own specific store, with apps available in that country, so there’s no danger of downloading an app and not being able to use it.

Interestingly you can get to the web page from which also suggest that the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update will be coming very soon.

Source: Microsoft


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