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Windows Phone Tango: Support for 120 languages?

One of the key drives of Windows Phone’s next update which is going under the codename Tango is increased appeal. Given Microsoft’s determination to increase their smartphone marketshare after some concerning stats were released earlier this month, we are already hearing of two patterns emerging that will help the operating system flourish across markets.

Firstly, will be made evident by the release of the Nokia Lumia 710 and the ZTE Tania, there is likely a consumer-base for lower priced Windows Phones which Microsoft will need to tap into in order to attract a wider audience to their OS. Tango is suspected to drop the minimum requirements for the platform and in turn, the price which should make for a good start.

Secondly, Language support. The latest word is that Tango will offer support for 85 languages in addition to the 35 languages currently supported bumping up the total to a 120 languages. Given that the source of this news is said to be a developer event in India, with the original story having been taken down, perhaps after a slap on the wrist from Microsoft may well lend credibility to this impressive language support boost. Is this enough? Would a lower price-point and additional language support entice you into the world of Windows and live-tiles? Answers in the comments section:

Source: WPSauce Via: PocketNow


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