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Wooden phone hits the right notes (Video)

A wooden-bodied phone it set to be sold by Japanese phone network, NTT Docomo.

The phone, made from home-grown Japanese Cypress, these trees were cut down to manage forest growth. Think of the bio-degradability bonus points, too. The wood has undergone some special processes to make it more durable as a mobile, so hopefully, it’ll keep those curvy good looks for a while. There’s a limited run of 15,000 handsets, so Japanese residents best snap up one on pre-order as soon as possible

The latest of Docomo’s concept phone range, the Touch Wood features high-speed FOMA data connection, emoticon mail, and a dual mode to switch between business and pleasure. Curiously though there’s no TV-tuner, a standard in most Japanese smartphones aside from the iPhone. Is wood no good for reception?

The promotional video is gorgeous in its own right; featuring a plinky-plonky sound-track, made from the noises of a wooden ball bouncing along gradiated wooden tracking, each bounce playing out *some posh classical song which we don’t have the musical education to tell you what it’s called*.


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