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Wordfeud arrives for iPhone and iPad: Popular Android Scrabble-esque game crosses the border

It’s not often that a popular Android game or app makes transition to iPhone and iPad – it’s nearly always the other way round.

But this is Wordfeud. The popular Scrabble-esque game for Android that’s a worthy alternative to Words With Friends is now available on iOS devices as well.

Prior to the launch of Words With Friends on Android earlier this year, Wordfeud was the go-to word game for Android phones. Subsequently, Wordfeud has a lot of loyal fans (all 2.6 million of ‘em) who’ve been dying to play their iPhone owning mates at some word-based action for ages.

So what makes this different from Words With Friends? Besides a different look interface, not that much to be honest.

The free version of Wordfeud for iOS is ad-supported, but you can nix the pop ups with a one-off in-app payment of £1.79, if they annoy you.

Ultimately, your interest in this will depend on how often you play Wordfeud on your Android phone, and whether or not you can convince your iPhone mates to download this app as well as/instead of Words With Friends.

At Recombu we love being able friends at both games on a range of devices. We win here, we win there, we’re bi-winning…

I’m playing against my long term Wordfeud opponent and friend here, the charmingly-named ballbags. My username is Doubting Thomas on both Words With Friends and Wordfeud and I like winning against/losing to new people.

If you’ve not picked it up on your Android phone or tab yet, you can get Wordfeud for free (again, ad-supported) or for the slightly pricier £1.91 (sans ads).

Update: in case you were wondering how it works cross platforms, it works perfectly. Here’s a shot of of Wordfeud working just fine and dandy on an iPad and a Nexus One. No force closes or random shutdowns yet (touch wood).


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