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Apple’s WWDC 2013 scheduled for June 10th

Tickets may be going on sale from 6 p.m. tomorrow (GMT), but attendees will have to wait a little under two months before they actually make the trip to San Francisco, where Apple will be holding their annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Every spring Cupertino posts an announcement page on their website heralding the arrival of tickets to the summer’s WWDC, sending off single flares to every tech site and Apple fan the world over that the next phase in iOS development could well be around the corner.

WWDC 2013

Naturally, when things actually kick off on June 10th it’ll be the iPhone that the industry will be champing at the bit to lay eyes on a new iPhone and although we’re hoping Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t disappoint, we suspect they might keep the hardware under wraps to focus on iOS 7.

Of course we’ve already aggregated a whole host of rumours and hearsay regarding Apple’s next smartphone(s), but there’s far less known about the new features and functionality coming to the operating system it/they will run.

The WWDC logo could reference a new app icon design with heavier rounding and a more vibrant colour palette as an update to the iOS aesthetic has been one of the few rumours that has been doing the rounds.

For those looking to pick up tickets to this year’s conference, it’ll set you back a cool $1599 each and only those on one of Apple iOS or Mac developer programs can apply. More news might leak out in the coming weeks, but for now this is all we have go on.

[spotted at The Verge]


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