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X Construction for Android: Send commuters plummeting to their doom

If you were the kind of sadist who enjoyed tormenting guests on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 (just me then?) then you’ll love X Construction.

X Construction is a simple physics-based puzzler that’s a lot like the baffling-but-brilliant Spaghetti Marshmallows. Your job is to create bridges capable of carrying passenger trains across gaping chasms. You get a set number of steel girders and cables to work with on each level.

The first few levels are easy enough but it soon gets trickier. If you’ve not paid proper attention to your bridges, then the girders will buckle and snap. The train will come crashing down, accompanied by the chilling screams of the plummeting passengers. If you’re of a nervous disposition, then you can turn the sounds off in the preferences.

There are 12 levels to get through, but more are due to arrive in the future. The free Lite version lets you have a stab at the first lot of levels, but features adverts and doesn’t let you play around with the amazing Sandbox mode.

This gives you an infinite number of girders and cables to mess around with, allowing you to create bridges that’d make old Brunel choke on his cigar smoke.

X Construction is priced at €1.00 which currently converts to £0.85 in the Android Market.


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