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X Factor gets official iPhone app

ITV’s X Factor returns to our screens this Autumn and this series promises to bring the starry-eyed hopefuls even closer to the (mostly) adoring public, thanks to the show’s own dedicated iPhone app produced by Talkback THAMES digital, Syco and ITV.

According to ITV, the app is all part of “a whole new range of digital elements to keep fans engaged, get them involved and give them even more access to all the best bits of the UK’s most-loved entertainment show.” No word as yet if that invitation extends to any other smartphone platforms besides the iPhone, but why should they be spared?

The app, which is set to launch along with the show on August 20th, will feature all the standard tie-in app staples including clips, news and a highlights reel from each episode.

“This year’s digital offering for The X Factor is all about giving fans new and exciting opportunities to interact with the show in real time” says Richard Williams, a controller for ITV.

The app will also let fans applaud performances, decisions and judges’ comments in absentia through a new ‘tap to clap’ feature, which will reportedly relay some form of corresponding digitised applause live to the studio. Fans can also use the app to share their appreciation with their X Factor-watching friends on Facebook. All that’s missing is a button that let’s us throw soft fruit.


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