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Xbox Companion launches tomorrow: LoveFilm primed for the UK, 4oD and Demand 5 coming later this month

Back in October at Nokia World we got to have a play around with an early version of Xbox Companion, an app that, for our money, was as impressive as the Nokia Lumia 800 that we got to test it on.

For those of you who’ve not heard, Xbox Companion is an awesome utility that basically turns your Windows Phone into a combination remote control and search tool for use with your Xbox 360.

It’s like a more versatile version of those Kinect TV ads you might have seen recently; except that instead of talking to your Xbox and running the risk of looking silly, you can perform searches straight from your phone instead.

Microsoft has pegged tomorrow the 6th of December as the launch for the app – an early Christmas present for 360 owners, at least those that can bear to put Skyrim down for an hour or so.

In a blog post, a long old list of which services will be supported in which country has been detailed. Here in the UK we can look forwards to searching for and stream thousands of movies via the LoveFilm portal, in a similar manner to how we did with the Netflix app at Nokia World.

But what about the Beeb?

Later in December, support for Channel 4’s 4oD and Five’s Demand 5 will arrive. So for those without the taste for premium movies can enjoy a bit of digital TV catch up instead, if you’ve not got that already on your digital TV package. No concrete dates for these though.

Other Blighty-inbound services include MSN (natch), blinkbox, Crackle (Sony Pictures), MUZU.TV, VEVO and YouTube.

BBC services are pegged for ‘Early 2012’ alongside Televisa’s sports and ‘Telenovelas’ and MLB.TV baseball coverage.

The Xbox Companion app will be free to download from Windows Marketplace and works when your Windows Phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Xbox 360.

Source: Microsoft via Bing Community


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