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Xperia Play and Optimus 2X hit the sales at under £300: Clearing stock before iPhone 5?

Both Sony Ericsson’s much-hyped PlayStation phone, the Xperia Play and LG’s dual-core Optimus 2X have had their prices slashed.

Included in Expansys’ summer clearance, both Android smartphones are on sale at under £300 each. Despite early interest in both the game-centric Xperia Play and the Optimus 2X – the first dual-core phone- it looks like they both failed to grab the hearts of Android shoppers.

The two phones are be SIM-free, and that means they’re free of those pesky built-into-your-phone-network apps that often clog up the menus and homescreens of new Android phones bought on a tariff.

As we await Apple’s latest edition of its iPhone, possibly in September, if not October, we suspect this could be an attempt by Expansys to make space in it’s warehouse, shedding phones that aren’t selling as well as hoped.

With cheaper mid-range Android phones gaining plenty of momentum from new phone customers, is this price drop enough for you to splash a bit more cash for the latest hardware?

Sadly you won’t be able to the shiny white version of the Xperia Play, that’s still on sale at full-price. White gold.


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