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Xperia Play games revealed by Gameloft. Plus: Buy One Get One Free on their Android games

Gameloft have released footage of ten games that will be optimised and re-tweaked especially for the forthcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

Games in the video include Spider Man: Total Mayhem. While these games will be controllable on the Xperia Play’s PlayStation controls, notice how you can occasionally use the touch screen as an extra input in the video demo.

There’s also Uno (is that really a good use of console-gaming controls?) Assassin’s Creed, Real Football 2011, and Star Battalion, which we’ve already had an extended play on. It’s a space-ship shooter, and pretty fun.

Rounding of the ten titles are Splinter Cell: Conviction, Modern Combat: Black Pegasus, Brothers In Arms 2 and Asphalt 6. If that’s all a bit alpha male, Let’s Golf 2 will also get a new version for the Xperia Play’s controls.

Extra news from Gameloft’s blog; they’re currently running a Buy One Get One Free special on their Android games collection. This includes their big sellers, like the Asphalt series, Modern Combat 2 and Spiderman: Total Mayhem. Yes, er, most games mentioned above are all in there.

Simply buy a game from the store, and you’ll get to choose another, gratis. More details on their blog, here.

Here’s some anonymous type playing through the game selection.

Via: Eurodroid


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