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Xperia Play: TV ad leaked

Somehow, Sony Ericsson have let the first TV advert of their rumoured, still unofficial, Xperia Play slip out onto Youtube.

Courtesy of Norwegian website, Droid NYTT, the Xperia Play, previously known as the PlayStation phone, actually doesn’t get that much screen time. Most of that is taken up by a “new and improved” Android robot. Not so cute anymore. We’ve included the video below so you can see what we mean.

We wonder if those thumbs were obtained from those that were responsible for all the other leaks…

The advert does prove that the forthcoming device is PlayStation-certified, the little Playstation button logo is put alongside the phone in action. The Xperia Play will have a touchscreen with slide-out PlayStation controls.

Expect the latest version of Android, and the inclusion of the PlayStation suite, initially with PSOne games available to download from the Android Market store.

Game-wise, we spotted what looks to be Tekken, a driving game from Gameloft, perhaps Need For Speed, and some sort of space game.

We’re trying not to sound like a broken record, but we’ll be getting more details at Mobile World Conference- not long now.

Via: DroidNYTT, via: Techradar




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