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Yoda star of new Vodafone TV advert

Star Wars legend Yoda, here billed as the ‘900 year old Jedi Master’ will appear in a series of adverts to promote new Vodafone services.

The 60-second advert series kicks off with RED Box, which premieres tonight at 8pm. RED Box is a service that transfer the content of an old phone, to a new one.

In the advert,  Yoda (voiced by Tom Kane) offers to help a couple transfer contacts from one phone to another, but his Force talents aren’t needed, thanks to Vodafone’s RED Box service. Check our the advert below:

Each advert has been produced by at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Lucasfilm’s San
Francisco-based visual effect facility.

Other adverts in the series include: Buyback, where Vodafone will buy back a customers handset up to the value of £270; Data Test Drive, where Pay Monthly customers can get as unlimited mobile data for the first three months, to ensure they pick the right package and Tech Team, which advertises Vodafone’s Tech Team to help customers to get the most of their phone in-store or online.

Danielle Crook from Vodafone: “These small things can mean the world to our customers – it’s why we have developed a range of simple services to help them feel confidently connected on the go. The campaign with Yoda shows that you don’t need to be a Jedi Master to unlock the power of mobile internet.”

Check our the advert tonight.


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