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Meet the wacky-but-awesome dual-screened phone: the YotaPhone 2

Russian company Yota has just launched its second dual-screen phone, imaginatively titled the YotaPhone 2, and it’s a slick premium handset boasting a surprisingly good rear-mounted e-ink display.

When we reviewed the original YotaPhone, we were absolutely gutted. Here was something truly original and innovative; an Android handset with a rear e-ink screen, designed to boost battery life by draining less power when you check your emails and other notifications. Unfortunately, while Yota had the cojones to try something different and stand out from the crowd, that secondary panel – which lacked touch control and had limited support from apps – was a bit of a stinker.

Thankfully the YotaPhone 2 makes serious amends, introducing a fully touch-sensitive e-ink rear panel that can be used by any app. It’s still not quite perfect but it’s perfectly suited to checking emails, texting and even bashing out messages on the fly, a massive step up from last year’s model.

But does that second screen really make for longer battery life and is the YotaPhone 2 a worthy rival to the very best Android flagship phones? Check out our full YotaPhone 2 review right now to find out.

The YotaPhone 2 is out in the UK right now for £555, as well as 20 countries across Europe, the CIS and the Middle East. You can bag it from Yota’s website as well as the first YotaPhone Store, which has opened just off Brick Lane in London this very evening.


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