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YouTube begins switching its comments system over to Google+

YouTube has switched its commenting system to Google+ in an attempt to curb trolling. TechCrunch says that the rollout will begin this week, but will take some time due to the sheer numbers of videos on the site right now.

The transition to Google+ does have some benefits, though. For one, comments will be automatically sorted depending on relevancy and content, and readers will be able to +1 posts just like on Google+. Commenters, meanwhile, will have the option to share their comment publicly, or keep it restricted to their private circles. Video creators will have access to better comment moderation tools too.

Commenters will have to connect their YouTube accounts with their Google+ profile, but won’t have to real their real names. Still, the added step of linking a Google+ account – a social network that isn’t hugely popular to begin with – may drive viewers away from commenting altogether.


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