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Zombies, Run! adds living dead to your daily jog

People find all sorts of humdrum reasons to exercise: personal fitness, oneness with nature, upcoming wedding photos – but here’s a motivator that’s sure to get everyone lacing up their running shoes: a cannibalistic plague of the living dead.

The Zombies, Run! app for Android and iOS adds a horde of virtual undead to your daily jog, which follow along behind you, groaning in your earphones. Set in a post-apocalyptic zombie universe, your job is to outrun the undead while getting to the bottom of the conspiracy behind their creation.

During each run your character, Runner 5, picks up essential supplies and medicines for the inhabitants of his or her zombie stronghold. Once you make it back from your mission, you use your supplies to build up your base (this part occurs on the phone – you don’t need to actually board up windows or anything. We don’t think.) and unlock new twists in the story. And when the real zombie apocalypse does come, they’ll be chowing down on the poor saps who missed this app as you disappear into the distance.

Zombies, Run! is still in the development stage, but is slated for a February 2012 release. In the meantime you can follow the project at the Zombies, Run! homepage, and watch the developers’ video below.


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