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ZTE: 8 new Android and WP7 phones for MWC

ZTE has announced a total of eight smartphones ready for an MWC unveiling next week. Having already revealed the ZTE Mimosa X (pictured below), PF200 and N910, all of which will be running Android, the upcoming mystery devices are said to include some Windows Phone 7 devices to succeed their low-cost Tanya.

Almost no specifics have been made known about the upcoming reveal, however we do know that ZTE’s next flagship will be a quad-core pocket-monster set to compete with the big-players: The HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the LG Optimus 4X HD. We already knew that ZTE would likely release a Tegra-3 device, likely at some point in the year however didn’t realise it would be so soon.

It therefore appears that ZTE are taking on the full spectrum of mobile with budget Androids, Windows Phone 7 devices and high powered quad-cores. Will the Chinese manufacturer’s prices stay as competitive as they have been or are their sights set on the premium crown? It looks like 2012 is the year we’ll find out.


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