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ZTE gaming phone incoming: Xperia Play slayer?

If ZTE UK’s latest tweet is anything to go by, the company are gearing up for a significant release in its device portfolio and it sounds as if the turf sowned by the Xperia Play is in its sights.

Sony tried something different with the Play, switching a slide out QWERTY keyboard for a unique hardware gamepad, aside from this however, no other Sony device or rival manufacturer has attempted to recreate the same form factor.  

We don’t have any details yet, but we can speculate as to the what the ZTE gaming phone may well look like. It may emulate the form factor of Play, an interesting move that might help the company’s handsets better stand out on the store shelves, at least in this instance, or it could be a quad-core phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

ZTE gaming phone tweet


ZTE is probably best known in the UK for producing handsets used by the likes of Orange, rebranded for the carrier’s own device lineup, like the ZTE Skate. It’s only more recently that they have pushed to differentiate their brand in the crowded Android market. Most recently the impressively affordable ZTE Kis cropped up on Virgin Media, which is a low-cost Android devices. We suspect that the ZTE gaming phone will make use of far more potent internal hardware to get the most out of the increasingly demanding 3D games available on Google Play.

We’ll be at a special ZTE London launch event next week, which looks to be the platform at which the company will unveil this new mobile gaming handset.


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