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ZTE smartwatch coming in 2014, company says

Samsung and Sony’s respective smartwatches have helped turn the industry’s attention to wearable devices in general, yet they both leave a lot to be desired as products. Still, there have been rumours that a handful of other manufacturers are working on their own devices, including Google, HTC, and Apple. Chinese company ZTE is now on that list too, with the Wall Street Journal relaying details directly from the Android vendor.

According to ZTE, its smartwatch will only be compatible with its own phones at first – not unlike Samsung and the Galaxy Gear, then. ZTE wants its watch to be a mass market product, however, saying that it will be offering similar features to the Gear but at a lower price point. If the launch of the first watch goes well, then other watches from ZTE may follow that work with additional Android handsets.

The WSJ says that the company plans to release its watch during the second quarter of 2014, although an announcement will come earlier in the year. ZTE’s watch, however, will be limited to China at first, but the company has confirmed that it’s interesting in expanding to Europe and the US.

Given that the watch is designed to get people interested in ZTE phones, it may be a wiser choice to try and gain more traction outside of China first. Still, ZTE is slowly but surely trying to make a bigger name for itself, and a smartwatch will go a long way to making that happen.


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