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Skagen Falster 3 review

The Skagen Falster 3 is a smartwatch with style to spare, but has it also got the fitness features you need to get the most from working out?

What we love — an eye catching design with a great battery and performance

This smartwatch is essentially a fashionable makeover of the Fossil Gen 5, and so you won’t be surprised to hear that it is indeed a good-looking timepiece, that’s elegant yet striking, and can be worn comfortably as a fashion accessory. In fact, we’d call it the best-looking Wear OS watch to date.

Fortunately there’s more to it than just its appearance. The battery, for one thing, is pretty good for a Wear OS device, and will last you a few days if you’re careful to implement the Extended battery mode (though it’s not likely to get you through a marathon if you’ve got GPS turned on).

The relatively powerful chipset means that everything runs very smoothly on this watch, and useful features include Google Pay, active heart-rate monitoring, and untethered GPS tracking. That makes it great for keeping track of your steps, even if rival Garmin products might be able to analyse your workouts in a bit more detail.

What we don’t like  Fiddly to adjust, dull watch face designs

Although the casing certainly looks the part, we found that the exclusive watch faces that come pre-installed with the Falster 3 are incredibly bland. That’s a shame, because the screen itself is nice and sharp, and always very clear to read.

Another finickity problem arises with the adjustment of the loop; it’s not as simple as a buckle or Milanese loop, so you might find yourself struggling a bit to make sure you’ve got the perfect fit.


If you’re after a Wear OS watch that features a decent battery, bright screen and can also be used as a fashionable timepiece, then the Skagen Falster 3 has you covered. Its eye-catching design puts it at an advantage over its somewhat utilitarian-looking rivals, but the strap is a bit fiddly and the pre-installed watch faces don’t live up to the standard set by the swish casing.

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