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Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen) Review

The new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen) is exactly what it says on the tin, a Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen with an LED clock on the front. The new model offers the same added benefits of its clock-less sibling, with enhanced sound, easier to use buttons and a great value price.

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What we love – Delightful bedside clock, improved design and enhanced audio

Smart speakers are getting much better at audio, with Apple HomePod leading the way and the more modestly priced Google Nest Audio and Amazon Echo 4th Gen greatly improving upon what’s gone before. The same can be said for the new Echo Dot with Clock 4th Gen, even if its small size still holds it back.

Offering the same experience as the regular 4th Gen Echo Dot, the audio has been given a boost with its new 1.6-inch forward-facing speaker setup. If you’re using this device for your daily podcasts, morning radio or Alexa back-and-forths, there’s nothing to complain about – it’s crisp and clear.

The design of the Echo Dot with Clock sits nicely with its audio capabilities too, as its look and size make it a great choice for a teched up bedside clock. The rounded design makes it look far more like a homely ornament than ever before. The design also affords easy access to the buttons on top, which are sizable and sit right where your fingers land if you place your palm on top.

The clock works very much as expected and, if you fancy putting it somewhere else in your home – like a kitchen – can also act as a stopwatch or timer and can show the temperature.

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Amazon Echo Dot with Clock 4th Gen

What we don’t like – Still not the best for audiophiles

While this is the best sounding Echo Dot yet, it still doesn’t cut it for audiophiles. Music at high volumes just isn’t that pleasing – often lacking depth and providing some distortion.

You’ll have to look to the fully-fledged Echo 4th Gen or a larger smart speaker from another manufacturer if you’re wanting a better music experience.


Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen) makes a strong step forward from the last generation – in design, audio and ever-improving Alexa functionality. However, you’ll have to spend a bit more on another device for a quality audio experience and, if you aren’t fussed about the clock, you can save yourself £10 by getting the regular Echo Dot.

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