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Chimparty Review (PS4)

This simple family-focused Playstation PlayLink party game should keep younger gamers amused over the Christmas period.

Sony’s PS4 console offers all kinds of great experiences for a wide range of gamers, from engrossing PSVR titles to the nifty multiplayer PlayLink games.

The latest PlayLink effort to hit the PS Store just before Christmas is Chimparty, a colourful collection of monkey-related minigames aimed at families with younger kids. Many of these 18 games have been seen before (albeit with less monkeys) and Chimparty is definitely best played in short bursts. All the same, it’s worth checking out as a fun distraction over the holidays.

As with previous Playlink releases, up to four players can join in using their smartphones as controllers. This is one area where Chimparty could possibly fall down – if your young ‘uns don’t have their own mobiles (Android or iPhone are both supported), then you’ll have to share whatever other smart devices you own. Tablets and other Android/iOS gear work just fine, however.

Simplicity really is the key here. Each game has stripped-back controls, so even really young gamers can join in. One entry has you leaping in the air with a single button press, to dodge obstacles and collect bananas. Another is basically a take on Pong, with players going head-to-head.

Players can customise their own personal monkey mate with accessories, which again has real kid appeal – and you can unlock more kit as you successfully smash through each challenge.

Solo players can tackle each minigame one at a time until they run out of lives (or stars), while the multiplayer mode consists of a few different varieties. The board game version is good for extended games, although the randomness factor will probably cause some frustration among more competitive family members. The same can be said for a few of the minigames themselves, where luck plays as much of a part as skill.

All the same, those colourful graphics and the accessible nature of Chimparty are definitely to be commended. You can grab it on PS4 right now.


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