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Sensorwake alarm clock wakes you with the power of smell

Meet the alarm clock that wakes its users by emitting a scent of their choice.

Hate the sound of an alarm clock beeping and ringing obnoxiously at you in the mornings? Well Sensorwake may be an interesting alternative.

Set the alarm and this device will emit your favourite (or least favourite) scent, giving you an unusual ‘inscentive’ to crawl from your slumber. According to the company, it is able to emit a wide range of aromas over a two minute period. These include espresso coffee, peppermint, lush jungle, hot croissants, chocolate, the seaside and the scent of a dollar bill.

Should you fail to get your ass up in the allotted two minute period, it’ll revert to the tried and tested method of playing something annoying until you’re forced to resentfully hit the snooze button.

Sensorwake uses a process called dry-air diffusion to create smells, which are provided in interchangeable two-scent cartridges. As a result, it’s completely silent, doesn’t generate heat, and doesn’t rely on chemical reactions, so it’s perfectly safe.

Each cartridge has thirty uses, and should therefore last around a month, and they can be purchased at a cost of $10 (£7) for two.

We’re not sure as to whether Sensorwake will get a UK distributor, so don’t expect to see it in any shops any time soon, but it’s available to pre-order from now.


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