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VariChair and VariDesk: The perfect way to get standing at work?

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular at work, as we try to avoid slouching our way through our working day.

Bad posture and sitting around for long periods is bad for your spine, which can lead to aches, pains and all kinds of troublesome issues. Which is why a standing desk might be a great idea, even if you haven’t suffered from these problems to date.

VariDesk is one of the more well-known brands of standing desk out there, offering a wide selection of products that can fit pretty much any working conditions. From the basic Soho offering, designed for portable use and ideal for hot-desking, to the hardcore Pro series, chances are you’ll find something that suits.

These desks are all adjustable to suit a range of heights and solidly built, to cope with a lot of weight – we use our Pro model with a massive monitor and laptop, and there’s no sign of creaking.

Of course, you may balk at the thought of standing at your desk all day long, with no kind of respite. Which is where the VariChair comes in handy.

This adjustable chair can be raised and lowered to any point between 58 and 83cm in height, while the base pivots freely. In this way you can either sit as standard, or raise the VariChair and lean against the seat, to remain ‘standing’ while taking some of the pressure off. The base is well weighted, so the chair won’t tip up no matter how deep your lean.

If you decide to lower the chair and sit on it naturally, the lack of a back rest helps to prevent slouching and reminds you to keep your spine straight. We’d have preferred the ability to lower the chair further, to suit low desks, although that’s our only real complaint.

Best of all, the Varichair takes up very little space, so can easily be tucked away when needed.

You can check out the full VariChair and VariDesk range over at the company’s website.


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