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1 SUV: The ‘perfect’ personalised reg for an SUV owner up for auction

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has announced it will be auctioning what it is called the ‘perfect’ personalised registration for a sports utility vehicle.

‘1 SUV’ has a reserve of £2,400 but is likely to fetch a king’s ransom when auctioned on the 24th of February 2016. The current-style registration record-holder to beat is KR15 HNA, which sold for £233,360.

1,500 different registrations are going under the hammer as part of the first live private registration auction of 2016 at a three-day event being held at Tankersley Manor Hotel near Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Highlights include a fair few name-specific plates – FA12 LEY (£700), FA15 SAL and BA65 HAW – and a few jokey offerings like WH15 PER (£700), SKA 80Y (£300), 51 XTY (£1,200) and BR15 KET (£700).

An alternative to 1 SUV is SUV 70Y, which has a reserve of £300. For supercar owners, there are a few to get excited about, with 488 GTS (£1,200), 650 MCL (£1,200) and 993 RSR (£1,200) perfect for a Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche, respectively.

Meanwhile 205 PUG is a winner for a Peugeot enthusiast (£1,200). 996 POR (£1,200), TVR 130Y (£250) and BMW 220S (£250) will also attract the attention of Porsche, TVR and BMW owners, respectively.

Private registrations with a higher reserve include 1080 HD (£2,000), 250 X (£2,500), 1 YRS (£2,400) and 200 W (£2,500).

2015 was the most successful year for personalised registrations and the first since 2006 to break the £5million barrier. A total of £2million was raised within 24 hours from the sale of 3,576 registrations.

A number of banned registrations included B16 COX, CR16 PLE and BU16 ERY. Sadly, CH16 SEA made it through the net. The most expensive registation to date was 25 O, which sold for £518,000 in 2014.

Adam Griffiths of the DVLA Personalised Registrations said: “Everyone in the industry knows there’s a huge debate on which car is the ultimate SUV. While we aren’t qualified to judge which vehicle is the best on the market, we are offering what we believe to be the ultimate in SUV-related personalised registrations in 1 SUV and SUV 70Y.”

He added: “Last year was the Agency’s most successful since we started selling personalised registrations in 1989 and the crop of personalised registrations we’ve lined up for this sale combined with the continued interest from motorists could ensure that success continues.”

You can take a look at the selection of registrations available from the DVLA on its website.


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